Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Gratitude Attitude Diary week 8

Gratitude Attitude Diary Week 8 - days 50-56 (18th-24th February)

2 months in! This week has enjoyed a few trips out and spending times with friends and family which has made taking my happy pictures or listing my 3 daily gifts easier!

Day 50 – 18th February

 Happy Picture of the day

 Day trip to Skegness – do love a day at the seaside.

Day 51 – 19th February

 Todays 3 Gifts:

    1)      Visiting Granny

    2)      Alarm free morning as clients later in the day – no morning sessions.

    3)      Meeting more staff members at The Studio’s 40 centre between client sessions

Day 52 – 20th February

Happy Picture of the day

Trip to London and night time walk by the Thames

Day 53 – 21st February

 Todays 3 Gifts:

   1)      My parents giving me lifts to and from work whilst I am without a car for a few days
   2)      Catching up with admin and recordings for clients.

   3)      For being as healthy as I am.

Day 54 -22nd February

 Happy Picture of the day


 Playing with light work at college

Day 55 – 23rd February 

3 Gifts Today:

   1)      Spending time with a friend and catching up with them this afternoon. 

   2)      Being able to socialise even without my own transport.

   3)      Completing work tasks for the day.

Day 56 – 24th February

 3 Gifts Today: 

   1)      Baking Dad a birthday cake and celebrating. 

   2)      Receiving some lovely feedback from clients

   3)      A relaxing takeaway dinner to celebrate Dad’s birthday as everyone was too tired to go out!

So that’s my 8th week. This week has been unusual in terms of having several days out. However, living in a village I rely on my car to get around and so with not having it for a few days getting around has been more challenging and I’ve had to be more organised, making me very grateful for the lifts I have received to be able to work and socialise. What is you happy moment or 3 gifts today?

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Gratitude Attitude Diary Week 7

Gratitude Attitude Diary week 7 – days 43-49 (11th-17th February)

  Wow, into middle of February already! The shortest month seems to be flying by.

Day 43 – 11th February

Happy Picture of the Day:

 A Few days early but our family pancake party.

Day 44 – 12th February 

3 Gifts Today:

1)      Seeing flowers on the side of the road growing and beginning to bloom.

2)      Watching the winter Olympics highlights.

3)      Getting work completed.

Day 45 – 13th February

3 Gifts Today:

1)       Using my new therapy practice location and being able to offer different days and times.

2)      Relaxing, easy night after work.

3)      Chatting to friends.

Day 46 – 14th February

3 Gifts Today:

1)      Hearing and seeing lots of birds this morning whilst out on a walk.

2)      Catching up with my sister via a phone chat.

3)      Making a friends birthday cake.

Day 47 – 15th February

 Happy Picture of the Day:

Purdy playtime, she does not play very often and as we adopoted her when she was 3 we do not know if she played much when she was a kitten. However, because she doesn't play much when she does it is extra special - paper bags are especially liked. 

Day 48 – 16th February 

 Happy Picture of the Day:

The upside of Mum's freezer defrosting is discovering left over mince pies!

Day 49 – 17th February

 Happy Picture of the Day:

Don't think I know anyone who doesn't like GBBO so today having a relaxing read and finishing this book.

So that's 7 weeks completed of logging happy photos and daily 3 gifts. What have yours been this week?

Gratitude Attitude Diary week 6

Gratitude Attitude Diary week 6 – Days 36-42 (4th – 10th February 2018)

 This week was quiet an exciting week, I started practicing in some new digs in Leicester which allows me to offer evening appointments in the city centre. I am still practicing elsewhere in Leicester and Hinckley but the new therapy room allows me the flexibility to see clients outside of the normal 9-5.

Day 36 – 4th February 18

Happy Picture of the Day:

My family are fans of the NFL so when it's superbowl night you need the right plates, napkins and cups! 

Day 37 – 5th February  

Happy Picture of the Day:

I started working at Nutrafit, soon to be renamed The Studio’s 40 today. The room I rent is on the top floor.

Day 38 – 6th February

 Happy Picture of the day:

Morning coffee and breakfast with a friend

Day 39 – 7th February

My 3 Gifts today are:

1)      Continuing sort/clear out, which means finding things I had forgotten about!

2)      New Client enquiries

3)      A busy and productive day

Day 40 – 8th February

  Happy Picture of the Day:

Learning new skills. This is my photo of the day at college after experimenting with different shutter speeds. It's trying to capture water drops and the back splash - harder than you might think!

Day 41 – 9th February

 Happy Picture of Day:

Beautiful sunset

Day 42 – 10th February

Happy Picture of the Day: 

A  relaxing bath with a bath bomb after a long day

So that is this week's happy pictures and 3 gifts. What are grateful for today?